Newland-Hardwick is an established sales & marketing consultancy focusing on the Aerospace & Defence markets. 


We've been active since 2014 and we're based here in Bristol, the heart of the UK's aerospace and defence industry.

Here to help you develop your Aerospace & Defence business

We're helping Aerospace and Defence companies develop their businesses.  Our services include:


  • Business development and sales support
  • Strategic advice and market research
  • Customer liaison and account management
  • Supplier liaison and supply chain management
  • After sales support
  • Graphic design and branding

With associates in Amsterdam, we can also support organisations who are planning to do business in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

Newland-Hardwick and Partners: Proven world-class capabilities

From the moment we started operating in April 2014, we've partnered with world-class organisations to provide a range of services to customers in the Aerospace & Defence sectors:

KMWE Group

With manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands and Malaysia, KMWE provides multi axis precision machining and assembly services.


KMWE operates in the aerospace, defence, medical and semi-conductor sectors.

Ronson Gears 

Ronson Gears is a leading manufacturer of precision gears.  With an international reputation for quality and first-class customer service, Ronson Gears manufactures machined components and gears for diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, defence, energy, medical, mining and rail.


Sylatech’s foundry casting process achieves excellence in the production of copper and aluminium alloy lost wax investment castings.


The lost wax investment casting process provides a fast and cost effective method for both small batches and large quantities up to 150,000 per year. Parts with complex internal and external detail, superior finishes and thin wall capabilities can be produced, without the need for machining from solid. 


Please click the button below to see Sylatech's design guide


IES offers a complete packaging service (including UK MoD "MPAS") and can assist in drawing up suitable packing specifications to ensure the safe transit and / or storage of your goods or equipment.

Netherlands Aerospace Group

Newland-Hardwick is the UK represenative for the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG).


The NAG is a trade association that supports the Dutch Aerospace and Airport Development sectors. 









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